The Sustainable Advent Calendar

About Us

What can I do about all this?
Environmental issues pile up, climate negotiations drag on, the 2ºC goal is off-course by a mile, deserts expand, and weather conditions become ever more extreme. These things are an almost daily theme in the media, follow us to our homes, and are among the greatest global challenges of the century. Naturally, many would like to do something about this. But what can I, as one single individual, do about all this?

We believe that together we can change the world. That if you pitch in and become part of this change, that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will still be able to live happily on this fascinating planet of ours. That’s our wish.

Goodbye, pre-Christmas stress!
During Christmas season, consumption peaks like at no other time. We say no thanks to crammed shopping malls. We’re not into the idea of working so long for hard-earned money just to blow it on new stuff. Much of what we give as Christmas presents is quickly forgotten or ends up in the garbage. We search for more agreeable alternatives.

How about an advent in which we have the time to sit with our family and friends in candlelight, munching on delicious cookies and enjoying the piney aroma of a Christmas tree? A time in which the focus is not on presents, but rather on togetherness. This calendar was crafted with that end in mind. You’re probably familiar with the magic of an advent calendar - the daily anticipation from December 1st through 24th, and the surprise and delight of uncovering what lies behind each little door.


A gift for our planet!
Every year, presents lie under Christmas trees all over the world, for our loved ones to whom we’d like to bring joy. But there’s seldom a present for the one which every single one of the 7 billion of us every day has a lot to be thankful for... Earth!

If we once again start to value our Earth and regard it as a gigantic gift, then together we can all avert climate change and the unfair social problems it comes with, and create a good future for our grandkids and great-grandkids! Christmas is the time for gratitude and community - and with that in mind, it’s the best time to give something back to our planet. And to that end, we’ve put together this Sustainable Advent Calendar!

Who we are
We’re a volunteer cohort mostly comprised of young folks from different academic pursuits, fields of work, and backgrounds in Berlin. We’re connected by the shared goal of making sustainable practices tangible and easy to implement. Yeah, you’re right - we’re a little bit addicted to sustainability, we admit it!

Amine, Andi, Chris, Chrissy, Denis, Fenja, Irina, Janna, Julie, Luisa, Noemi, Rebekka, Sebastian and Vivian - that’s our grand team behind the 2018 Sustainable Advent Calendar. And the team is always growing!

The Calendar

24 gifts to our Earth! The Sustainable Advent Calendar offers 24 different inspirations for how we can create a better world together. Every day from December 1st through 24th, we present another idea for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, one which helps protect the environment, enriches daily life, creates joy and is simple for anyone to do.

The Sustainable Advent Calendar is accessible on our website or as a printable and customizable PDF file.


100% free

We’d really like to enable lots of people to be inspired by this calendar. Therefore we all work on this project 100% on a volunteer basis, so that you can use the calendar completely for free.


A shared project

The Sustainable Advent Calendar depends on you! If you show off your calendar, you share it with your friends, and we all take small steps towards more sustainable practices, then we can really change a lot! You can learn more about how you can participate in the FAQ.


Here for everyone

We all live on ONE Earth, and are all in the same boat when it comes to a sustainable, liveable future - so it’s our mission to reach people of all ages all over the world, regardless of religious and political orientations. For this reason we’ve translated this calendar into German, English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and many other languages. You can download the calendar in 22 languages here.


Climate neutral

Print oodles of calendars in order to protect the environment? That kind of seems to defeat the purpose to us. We’d like to let trees live, and due to that you can’t order the Sustainable Advent Calendar from us. Instead, you have the option to download the calendar here from the website as a PDF, and print it on recycled paper and format it individually. Or you can simply check out all the little doors - each full of exciting details - directly on the website. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to stay posted!


Non-commercial and independent

Sustainability is quick to be used for political ends or by companies as a marketing ploy for unnecessary products. That’s not what we’re about! The one and only goal of this project is sustainability. We earn no money from the calendar, are politically independent, and are fortunately not reliant on contributions from sponsors.



The calendar’s creation is grounded in environmental psychology research, which helps us to make sustainability more accessible to all and to do so in a more systematic fashion. A follow-up study will evaluate the personal changes which people implement in accordance with the calendar. Help us make the calendar more effective by participating in our survey here.

Sound familiar to you from last year?

Right you are! Last year, the 2016 Sustainable Advent Calendar was actively used by more than 2500 people from over 60 countries on all continents. But that’s not enough! This year, the calendar is packed with new ideas and is going for Round 2. Our goal is to reach even more people, and to effect worldwide change at a personal level. It’s great to have you on board again this year!

Pimp your Calendar - DIY

You can download the Sustainable Advent Calendar in the language of your choice right here, either to personalize to your taste or to print as is. Instructions for how to personalize the calendar are found below. It’s super easy and fun! Spoiler Alert! Of course, with the printed version you’ll already be able to see what’s behind each of the doors. So if you don’t want to spoil the surprise for yourself, then don’t look at it too directly.

The Sustainable Advent Calendar 2018 in 22 languages to download:

Here’s how simple it is to personalize the Sustainable Advent Calendar:

  • 1. Download as a PDF in the language of your choice.
  • 2. Print both pages of the PDF on two recycled sheets of scratch paper (ideally each with one side already printed on!).
  • 3. If you’d like to add some color: Paint or draw a cover for the calendar on the first page to your liking.
  • 4. Then cut the three outlined edges of each of the 24 doors on the first page (a utility knife works well for this).
  • 5. You’re curious and want to read all the doors already? Wait a little bit, and let each individual day remain a surprise!
  • 6. Glue the first page onto the front side of the second page containing the door text. Be careful not to glue the doors shut; you want to still be able to open them later!
  • 7. Tah-daaaah, done! Have fun with the calendar!



Our press material is only available in German. Therefore visit the German website and download our press release as well as our press kit there.